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Color v-belt  to solve the existing belt products dregs, pollute the environment, noisy, poor stability technology. Carcass layer surrounded by heat, fatigue of the adhesive coating, adhesive coating in the upper part of the system described has high strength and elongation layer, the lower part of the said adhesive coating to flex resistance system, a high the bottom layer. Triangle of the performance increased, external fabric layer, the inner bottom fabric layer is made with colored mortar, so that the color of environmental protection belt and matching equipment and use of the environment match the environment of relevant products and do not constitute Wu Ran, to be environmentally friendly.

• The wrapper protects the inner layer,strong durability.
• Special core rubber used,small elongation and long service life
• Excellent heat-resistance,oil-proof,and wearing resistance
• Prevent the generation of the static and keep safe use
• Small friction coeffion coefficient and large transmission effect during operation
• Less noise during operation

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